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December 9, 2010, 6-9 PM

10th Annual International Potluck & Holiday Bash

IMUG 2010 potluck photosOur traditional holiday bash always features unusual food and good conversation, informal presentations of photos from recent travel to exotic locations around the world, and discussion of multilingual software, websites and more.

This year Adobe Systems has graciously offered to host our event at Café Adobe, and will supply the drinks including soda, wine and spirits.* IMUG will supply free pizza. You don't need to bring a thing, but we always look forward to the fantastic variety of ethnic dishes the less culinarily-challenged among us can muster up for this annual food-fest. That always takes things to a higher level.

You needn't prepare or buy more than 3 to 4 portions worth, and in fact you needn't bring anything at all. Come as you are, with or without a potluck contribution, but do come prepared to eat!

*Please drink responsibly, and choose a designated driver or take alternate transport if necessary.

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November 18, 2010, 7-9 PM

Providing a Local User Experience Through Marketization

Claudia Galván, Principal Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

IMUG Marketization Meetup PhotosBeyond language, marketization brings web services closer to a local audience. Most web services are tailored as one size fits all for a particular language. During this talk, we will define marketization, explore user scenarios and suggest best practices to provide a more local experience. We will also review some of the challenges and opportunities for marketizing web services.

Claudia Galván is currently leading the international versions of Windows Live Web Communications in the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus. Since coming to Microsoft, she has successfully delivered several versions of WL Hotmail, Contacts, Calendar; Search Client and Alerts among others in up to 48 languages and 160+ markets.

Since coming to Microsoft four years ago, Claudia has led the delivery of international versions of WL Hotmail, Contacts, Calendar, Search Client, MSN and Alerts among others in up to 48 languages and 160+ markets. Before she joined Microsoft, she was the Corporate Product Manager for Globalization strategy for Adobe, responsible for setting up the language and market roadmap for all products. She moved to this position after leading engineering teams for several years responsible for developing Globalization and Electronic Software Delivery technologies used in all Adobe products. For a couple of years at Oracle, she was the National Language Support manager for the Tools Division were she set processes to achieve simultaneous releases and driving early versions of Unicode into the Oracle Tools products.

Claudia has a Master's degree in Program and Project Management from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Anahuac University in Mexico City. She was the 2008 recipient of the Leadership award in her organization and the 2009 recipient of the Microsoft Women Empowerment award.

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October 21, 2010, 7-9 PM

Stamping Android's Passport

Justin Mattson, Developer Advocate, Android Team, Google

IMUG Android event photos Nov 2010Android has many facilities and tools to make it a well-behaved citizen of the world. We will explore how as an application developer you can use the Android framework facilities for internationalization and localization. For people interested in extending and enhancing Android's ability to take input there will be a tour of how input methods interact with applications and how to build your own. If you are interested in digging even deeper you will not want to miss the platform source code walk-through, where we will discuss how you can extend the platform to be an even better globetrotter.

Justin Mattson is a Developer Advocate for the Android Platform at Google. His role is to make Android a vibrant, innovative development platform by focusing on the technical needs of the development community.

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September 16, 2010, 7-9 PM

Kazuraki: Adobe Systems' Groundbreaking New Japanese Typeface

Dr. Ken Lunde, Senior Computer Scientist, CJKV Type Development, Adobe Systems

Presentation slides: Dr. Lunde's Kazuraki presentation, in Adobe PDF format

See photos of the IMUG Adobe Kazuraki event.Adobe Systems released a groundbreaking new OpenType Japanese font called Kazuraki in late 2009. Kazuraki was inspired by the calligraphy of 12th century artist and writer Fujiwara-no-Teika, who is considered one of the greatest poets in Japan's history.

This typeface design, created by Adobe Systems' Senior Type Designer Ryoko Nishizuka, is both innovative and visually rich, and is free of the design constraints that are typical of Japanese fonts. Kazuraki has become an inspiration and model for other type designers and foundries, particularly those in Japan and China. Join Ken Lunde, Senior Computer Scientist of Adobe Systems, as he outlines the process of creating this unique typeface, from its distinctive design aspects, to the nitty-gritty details about its OpenType implementation.

Dr. Ken Lunde has been working for Adobe Systems Incorporated since mid-1991, and is currently a Senior Computer Scientist in CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese) Type Development. Dr. Lunde is a leading authority on East Asian text-handing, and reads, writes, and speaks Japanese. His book, CJKV Information Processing (Second Edition, 2008), is the computer industry's standard reference work on the topic.

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August 19, 2010, 7-9 PM

How Google Built a Strong & Robust I18N Organization in Four Years

Manish Bhargava, Google Internationalization Product Manager

Google signThis talk will describe Google's approach to internationalization, covering the history of internationalization in Google and touching upon Google's internationalization needs, internationalization philosophy, internationalization strategy, internationalization ROI, and 40-language initiative.

The presentation will explore the ties between internationalization and localization, and will provide insight into the impact of internationalization to Google's bottom line and top line and to various products. The speaker would like to keep the session highly interactive, and invites questions from the audience.

Manish Bhargava, Google internationalization product managerManish Bhargava, product manager for internationalization efforts at Google, is the driving force behind Google's 40-language initiative. His team helps various Google products internationalize by providing the technical know-how and international market insights.

Under his leadership, internationalization has become part-and-parcel of product development at Google with Google Search being available in 150+ languages. During this period, Google has been actively contributing to the open-source world via contributions to CLDR, ICU launches.

Manish was also instrumental in establishing the innovative internationalization/localization quality program called IPQEP that has provided the required feedback loop for making Google products truly local for various markets.

Manish has a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University and a bachelor’ degree from IIT Bombay.

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July 22, 2010, 7-9 PM

ICU & CLDR: i18n Building Blocks for Unicode & Globalization Support

Steven R. Loomis, IBM Globalization Center of Competency


Unicode logoThe International Components for Unicode library, or ICU, is an open-source library in C, C++ and Java which provides a full range of services for Unicode enablement, and is the globalization foundation used by many software packages and operating systems, from mobile phones like iPhone or Android all the way up to mainframes and cloud server farms.


IBM logoThe Common Locale Data Repository, or CLDR, is a project sponsored by the Unicode Consortium for the exchange of language and locale information used in application development, and to gather, store, and make such data publicly available. By pooling resources, the time and expense of collecting good data is minimized, and language groups have an avenue to get their data into implementations such as ICU.


More photos of this event on Meetup.comThis talk will discuss these two foundational projects which form the basis of internationalization for the Mac as well as many other operating systems and products, and demonstrate the multilingual support in related offerings from IBM.

Steven R. Loomis is a member of the Globalization Center of Competency at IBM San Jose, where he is the Technical Lead for the International Components for Unicode for C/C++ (ICU4C). His ICU contributions include the Locale Explorer demo and the CLDR Survey Tool. After discovering the world of internationalization during a temporary assignment to a bidirectional text project, he joined the ICU team in 1998. His hobbies include Maltese language advocacy.


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Net-Translators will sponsor refreshments for this event! Many thanks to Shy Avni for making this happen. Net-Translators is a leading translation and localization company offering services in over 60 languages to software, hardware, and medical device companies around the world. Services include localization of software products including GUIs and online Help, translation of technical and marketing materials, and full website globalization. Net-Translators specializes in translation of materials for compliance to international regulations and works hand-in hand with Multilingual QA to provide robust multilingual testing for joint clients.


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June 17, 2010, 7-9 PM

Game Localization: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Anthony Fitzgerald, SimulTrans

SimulTrans logo

Anthony Fitzgerald of SimulTrans will present an overview of game localization, and explain how it differs from software localization. He will bring you along on a journey from early development through final submission, highlighting all the fun in-between. He will also explain how to avoid much of the pain. "No pain, no gain" does not fit well in his book: games are fun to play and should be fun to work on too!

Anthony will describe what areas need to be analyzed early on in the project in order to have a successful, high quality, fully localized game, released on-schedule and without those crazy "crunch mode" weeks. (Well OK, one final crunch mode week is allowed.) Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • cultural/linguistic considerations
  • legal issues
  • console manufacturer requirements
  • hardware
  • bug reporting
  • UI and layout
  • hotkey mapping
  • Unicode and codepages
  • text Input
  • fonts
  • cut scenes
  • lip synching
  • audio script and in-game subtitles
  • multi-player testing
  • DLC (downloadable content)
  • installers and patches
  • copy protection
  • and more...

Please join us for an interesting look into the world of Game Localization! Or "Games Localisation", if you prefer.

View photos of IMUG events on Meetup.comAnthony Fitzgerald holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Dublin City University. He is Manager, Engineering, Tools and Process at SimulTrans, L.L.C. and based in Ireland. Anthony has spent four years managing the SimulTrans Localization Engineering and CAT Teams from the Irish production office in Dublin.

Previously, Anthony worked for Vivendi Universal Games for nine years, as a multimedia engineer and localization team lead. During these years, Anthony was also a localization consultant to Game Development companies based in the US, assisting developers on site during their localization planning stages.

He has worked on many diverse titles, ranging from cute educational kids games such as the Knowledge Adventure reading and math titles, to hard core FPS (first-person shooter) games such as Half Life, Counter Strike and F.E.A.R.

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May 20, 2010, 7-9 PM

Internationalizing Twitter

Matt Sanford, Twitter

Twitter logo

Twitter is growing very quickly and that's even more true outside of the US. In response we have internationalized the service, localized the interface for five markets so far, and even customized Twitter in response to existing user behavior in what you might call an interesting exercise in "transcreation".

Twitter community translation bird

You'll hear examples from Chile to Japan, and from Unicode support to translation. Like all Twitter features, user input was key from the beginning so we engaged our most passionate bilingual users to help with translating. This required a community translation tool that would encourage engagement and provide the context that non-professional translators need. Even on a site with as much user generated content as we still had a daunting task to undertake. Some things went well, and some didn't. All of it was a lesson worth sharing.


View photos of this IMUG event on Meetup.comMatt Sanford is the lead engineer of Twitter's International team, where his responsibilities are in both engineering and international strategy.

Matt handles issues ranging from writing code for Twitter's community translation tools to troubleshooting exotic character encoding issues.

Matt previously worked for Summize, the creators of Twitter Search, and prior to that Disney and AOL.

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April 15, 2010, 7-9 PM

Interoperability in Language Technology: Standards, Limitations & Innovation

Sven Christian Andrä, Andrä AG

View photos of this IMUG event on Meetup.comSven Christian Andrä will present an introduction to language technologies and related standards, with a focus on the difficulties of making them work together. The integration of multiple systems into a globalization architecture is more and more important. Standards might help, but can standards designed in 2002 solve today’s problems? Can they be the foundation of integrating a multitude of Translation Memory, Machine Translation or Controlled Language systems in a globalization infrastructure? Why does it often sound so easy, yet bring so much pain? Questions upon questions. But there will be answers, too.

Andrae AG logoSven Christian Andrä is founder and CEO of Andrä AG, a German software development company providing ONTRAM, a web-based Globalization Management System (GMS) designed for medium to large enterprises. He has ten years of experience in integrating language and information technology in large scale environments. At the moment he’s running the San Jose, California office of Andrä AG.


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March 18, 2010, 7-9 PM

iPhone App Localization and the China Smartphone Market

Lan Lin, iPhone Localizer

iPhone Localizer

Original Event Announcement:

Bo Lin Lan Lin of iPhone Localizer will discuss app localization issues and introduce the China smartphone app market:

  • iPhone Localizer — what we do: localization, development, distribution, support and promotion
  • iPhone app localization options — from free web tools to professional services
  • Overview of the professional iPhone app localization process and the App Store submission process
  • Case study of a successful app localization, including problems it presented and how those problems were overcome
  • A brief overview of the Chinese iPhone app market
  • Q&A

View photos of this IMUG event on Meetup.comBo Lin is COO and co-founder of iPhone Localizer. She is an entrepreneur, localization expert, and computer professional. Lan Lin is business development representative for iPhone Localizer. The company, based in California and China, brings smartphone apps to the world. The company localizes iPhone apps for all 31 iPhone supported languages, develops cross-platform, multilingual mobile apps, and distributes multilingual iPhone apps to all 77 country App Stores. The company also offers in-country app support worldwide and marketing services for apps in Asian countries. By localizing smartphone apps and developing cross-platform multilingual apps, iPhone Localizer assists clients in creating mobile content for smartphone app platforms and providing mobile enterprise solutions.

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February 22, 2010, 7-9 PM

Planning Committee Meeting

A committee of volunteers met to plan new locations, new events and new sponsors as IMUG enters a third decade of service to the professional multilingual computing community. Many thanks to Ken Lunde for arranging a conference room at Adobe headquarters for this meeting.

Next year will see the 20th anniversary of this group's establishment as a MUG recognized by Apple and Adobe, and the following year we will reach the 25th anniversary of the group's first meeting at Stanford University as the SMUG International SIG. For a little bit of history, see the 1987-1994 archives.

Our new schedule of events will be announced soon on the Upcoming Events page. To learn about IMUG events as soon as they are announced, please subscribe to our Yahoo! Groups newsletter and follow us on Twitter.




January 21, 2010, 7-9 PM

iPhone Apps, Analytics and Development Platforms

IMUG and Silicon Valley iPhone Business MeetUp again combine forces to bring you an evening of expert panelists, lightning product demos, a prize lottery, free food and all the iPhone info you need.

One of our sponsors, Appcelerator, will be giving away 150 T-shirts and at least one great gadget accessory! Thanks also to our sponsors Access Growth for hosting the meeting, and to Tech CU for the refreshments.

 Speakers Flurry Appcelerator Speakers:

Scott Schwarzhoff, VP, Appcelerator
Appcelerator enables Web developers to build intuitive, content-rich applications for mobile and desktop platforms, including iPhone without Objective-C and Android without Java. New features include 100% code conversion from JavaScript to Objective-C, and many new map, social and interactive features. Appcelerator is Venture-backed and based in Mountain View, CA.

Colin Morris, Product Evangelist, Flurry
Flurry offers cutting-edge analytics, deployment and monetization tools for mobile application developers. Its services platform is offered free to application developers. Flurry is venture-backed and is based in San Francisco.
 Lightning Demos iPhone Localizer Vanity Greatest Road Software GeekLogik Arende - iHomeopath MoApps - LocalFlyers Greatest Road Software Lightning Demos:

Each of these developers will give us 5-minute "lightning demos" of what their iPhone apps can do! These apps are all available for download from the iTunes Store of course.

Bo Lin, iPhone Localizer
iPhone Localizer specializes in smart phone app localization in 31 languages, plus China app distribution and promotion services. They have localized Bay Area artist Tav Shande's Vanity™ iPhone app into Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

Vanity™ uses the Golden Ratio to evaluate and score the attractiveness of human faces based on facial structure. Hot or not? Just take a photo and follow the on screen prompts. See also the Vanity™ Report for fun with celebrity faces.

Daniel Pifko, Greatest Road Software
Greatest Road is an iPhone application for motorcyclists. It connects bikers to help them find the best roads to ride. The SF-based founders are tech leaders, mobile industry execs, and avid motorcyclists, bicyclists, and hang glider pilots.

Joe Peterson, Geek Logik
Garth Sundem's book, Geek Logik, is now an iPhone App. Geek Logik breaks everyday decisions down into equations. Should I call in sick? Should I get a tatoo? Should we get married? Yes, "there's an app for that".

James Testa, Arende, Inc.
iHomeopath offers homeopathic remedies indexed by symptom, illness and place on the body. A handy first-aid manual based on The People's Repertory, a book by Dr. Luc de Schepper.

Sarat Chandran, MoApps, Inc.
The LocalFlyers iPhone app lets you search for deals in your local stores from the comfort of your iPhone. With interactive local newspaper flyers at your fingertips, you can flip through the pages on your iPhone and bring up detailed product info.
 Event Sponsors Access Growth Tech CU appcelerator Sponsors:

Appcelerator is a new platform and services company that is enabling Web developers to build intuitive, content-rich applications for mobile and desktop platforms, including iPhone without Objective-C and Android without Java.

Access Growth
Access Growth LLC is a global growth consulting and innovation management firm that was founded in 1989 to help companies successfully grow through a proprietary growth and commercialization process.

Tech CU
Technology Credit Union has been around since 1960, providing professionals in the Silicon Valley and beyond with all the financial services and conveniences they crave. If you live, work, go to school, or regularly worship in the Bay Area, you can become an member today!




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