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March 16, 2017, 6:30-9:00 PM
(Networking 6:30-7:00 PM)

How We Built a Keyboard for Polyglots
Hosted by Adobe Systems in San Jose, CA

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Come learn how we created a multi-platform solution for cross-cultural communications. The PolyKeyboard® is a software solution that works with physical computer keyboards and mobile devices. This discussion will explore the many challenges of keyboard development, including key layouts and mapping, predictive text, customization, patenting, encoding standards, and user feedback including an exchange of ideas with the French government.

Daniela Semeco is a polyglot and an inventor born in Venezuela, who acquired her language skills during time spent in France, Germany, USA, and Venezuela. Polyglotte Inc. is a benefit corporation facilitating the use of language through the PolyKeyboard.




February 16, 2017, 6:30-9:00 PM
(Networking 6:30-7:00 PM)

Let’s Come To An Agreement About Our Words
Hosted by Apple in Cupertino, CA

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Tweet: photo of 125 at AppleGetting a set of words into grammatical agreement is an ongoing translation challenge, especially for a digital assistant like Siri. While the open source CLDR and ICU projects help with these challenges, additional infrastructure had to be developed for Siri.

For example, there are some existing frameworks that provide enhanced formatting for messages sensitive to grammatical number or grammatical gender, but they only work well when the word is well-known and only in written form instead of spoken form. In English, a message as simple as "1 kilometer" and "2 kilometers” only needs to take into account whether the noun is plural or singular. So a programmer may assume that only the letter "s" needs to be added when the value is not 1. This is not so simple for other languages.

This talk will go into the challenges of getting a noun and its related words into grammatical agreement. Highlights of how CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository) and ICU (International Components for Unicode) helped with complex languages like German, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and Finnish will be provided.

George Rhoten is a Language Technologies Developer at Apple where he is responsible for various linguistic technologies that primarily involve Siri. He has been a contributor to ICU since 2000, and he has been a contributor to CLDR since the early days of its creation. He is a seasoned professional with many years of expertise in software internationalization and software localization.



January 19, 2017, 6:30-9:00 PM
(Networking 6:30-7:00 PM)

Mojito: a Free Open-Source Platform for Continuous Localization
Hosted by Adobe Systems in San Jose, CA

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Mojito is a free, open-source platform that uses continuous integration to collect all of your software strings in one place.

With Mojito you can check what products need localization in real time; create and import translation packages with a single click; and search and edit translation across all products and languages. And if you have a small dedicated translation team, they can work directly in Mojito.

For more information on Mojito, please visit


Hands-on training will be offered to interested attendees, in two tracks:

Track 1. Project management and translation: how to run localization projects on Mojito.

· Checking product localization status
· Translation and review workflows
· Creating projects
· Managing strings
· Translating and reviewing
· Roadmap
· QA

Track 2. Technical: how to set up continuous localization with Mojito for your company.
· Mojito architecture overview
· CI Jenkins integration with Mojito
· Setup demo instance
· Setup Box if time allows
· QA


Jee Yi is a senior software developer at Box.  She is one of the main contributors of Mojito.  Besides working on Mojito, she consults and implements features related to localization and internationalization of various Box products.  She works with other teams to ensure best Globalization user experience. Jee is passionate about automating localization process.  Before Box, she worked at Yahoo and built self-serve localization platform called Dragonfly.  She also worked on in-context review for iOS on Simulator.

Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja is leading globalization efforts at Box, working with teams across the company to deliver localized products and content to Box customers. She is responsible for delivering globalization strategy and managing localization platforms, programs and projects. Hanna has recently joined the advisory board of Translation Commons, a nonprofit online language community. She is also an assistant manager for the Silicon Valley Chapter of Women in Localization, an organization dedicated to promoting professional development, networking and continuous education among its rapidly-growing membership.







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